Sunday, February 1, 2009

my wish list

omg its 14 days more till my birthday. so i guess i should start making wish list for my birthday! hahahah the best thing about february is, i have 2 frens who celebrate their birthday in february oso. hahah people please get ready with the presents and the suprises (but please no eggs and flour hanin! hahaha) basically what i want most for this year is obviously SUNBURST 2009 ticket! you know what i heard, No one Ever Really Dies (NERD) is performing kat SUNBURST 2009! how cool is dat huh..?? Pharrell William rawk man! second on my wish list is dat one particular wallet in topshop which i have been aiming for quite awhile dah but sadly due to unstable financial status, window shopping jee laaa. and last but not least the third item on my wish list is umm.. tatau laa maybe a snare, a camera or maybe as simple as a drumstick. :)


  1. kepale otak ko? biar betol ngok NERD dtg..
    wawawaaa... All the girl standing in the line to bad room.. All the girl lallaaalalalaaa...
    wah.. besttt!!

  2. betul dooo...!! abang aku cite kat aku.. tah camne tah dier tau... aku pun lupe..!! hahha tiket mahal gile.. ko bg sebagai present aku nak..?? hahhaa