Monday, February 2, 2009

lesson in life # 1

when you met lots of different people in various background and profession, 1 thing you will realise. there's too many colours of people you have met. macam tee shirt,

a. there are t-shirt with light colours but with complicated designs
b. there's even with dark colours tapi designnye cantik
c. light colours with cool design
d. last but not least dark colours, ugly design

people dont change. you cannot expect them to change. even if tommorow is armageddon, like hell they are gonna change. they are still gonna stick to how they are. 
i really hate & despise those who always take things for granted. what do you really think i would be ok all the way with how you manage things? please do think about others. and there's even some girls i met *no im not bragging or anything*, just because i went out with you, doesnt mean im into you. please i been single for about 2 years, and i think i can live another day without any companion. noo please dont get me wrong, i like how things are. i like having you as a fren and maybe besfriend. but nothing more. please dont give me that l.o.v.e thing, it will spoil everything. trust me. 

"too bad you know me, when i wasnt ready..." 
meg & dia - masterpiece

there's even some people suprizingly love to lie. *liar liar your pants on fire*
they will do just anything to get their ass cover. even if they have to lie about the real situation. i met a guy, the other day, one thing about him is no matter how bad is the situation is. he would go like "naaahhhh, there's nothing to be worried about. i got things covered!". MY ASS! how can you say thing are covered when it is falling apart betul-betul depan mata you. 


no matter what the colour is, how the design is. you just have to live with it. its already printed. you cannot just erase the print and print a new one. you just cant. either you things yourself or do it together eventho you know in the end things will still be the same.


  1. ouh lama ko menduda eh alip ahaha
    sakitnye putus cinta ke?heeee

  2. harga sebuah cinta itu hanya ku mampu milikinya sekali seumur hidup.... :)