Saturday, January 31, 2009

my grammy awards

last 3 movie that i recently watched

its based on a true event. a mother who lost her son. report a missing child. 5 months later police retreive her son tapi orang lain. when the mother try to say something to the public as the police isnt doing a good job she was send to the L.A asylum. later when she got out from the asylum when the child actually admitted to every one that he's not angelina jolie's son she sued the police department and won. best. tapi cerita ney slow sikit mase awal. 7.2/10

Underworld 3: Rise Of The Lycans
uhh. a movie that is not to be missed. tells you how does the war between the vampires and the lycan actually started. cool movie. if you like gorgeous vampire and hunky werewolf then this is your movie. 8.0/10

Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Its a sad movie. somthing like the notebook with a splash of forest gum. a child was born during the end of WWII. the story starts when they show that the newborn actually born as an old guy which in the he will died as a baby. this story is more about sacrifice, love and compasion. brad pitt did a briliant job in potraying benjamin button. 9.1/10

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