Friday, June 29, 2012

SCKLM 2012

 standard chartered kuala lumpur marathon, in 10KM speed category. out of 7,024 runners i was the 1,301th to finish the race! hahaha tho i didnt train much and didnt sleep properly for that race, i managed to get my target time. ran 10.8KM in 68 minutes and 57 seconds! it super tiring alright, tho kareem finished slightly earlier than me, still... hahaha cant say much about the race, the track isnt as torturing as the brooks bukit jalil run but not as easy as the PJ dawn race. it was mediocre. there wasnt much of elevation except the part where we ran towards dataran merdeka tru masjid negara, that was a killer! the water stations was pretty much strategically placed and the finishing line was very well organized (as in the booth to get yo medals etc) and owh yeah the timing chip is pretty coolio since your timing is immediately updated online. so you can actually track where's your friend during the race. :) ouh i ran with kareem, wahida, onie and aizat.

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