Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Taiwan Dollar

so there i was, in the middle of a busy street and wondering aimlessly to nowhere. it's fun to walk around in some foreign country, unfamiliar faces, they speak the language you dont understand, whenever they try to talk english it always with that accent which makes random sign language more understandable. just like walking down the street of harajuku, you get to see all sort of types of fashion; goth, gothic lolita, yankees and if you are lucky enough you get to spot one or two steampunks. in taipei for instant its the shops that really the fun part. the mobile accessories shop, those bubble tea shop, random fashion district in some random alleys and of course those clubs which dont quite seems like a club during the days and of course would blare out with house/techno/r&b music later. the fun part of course the 7Es in taipei, they have all sort of stuff inside, its like our very own 7E combine with some el fresco dining (exaggerating of course). maybe we have mamak shop but in taiwan they have THIS. they have 7E. just in case if you find yourself famished in the middle of the night, you could of course just head down to your nearest 7E and probably grab a cheesy chicken spaghetti, spicy chicken burger, sushi, rice with tomato sauce and beef and for drink is just mind blowing what they sell down here (there's wine in a can kooot) but of course my personal favourite;
besides having the local delicacy like the beef noodles, oyster misua, steam buns, deep fried (steam)buns i would definately have these first when i get here and tapau another to eat on my flight back.

and owh here's the view from my room, NOT that very scenic but i like that reflection on the water

what else can i say, one of the many perks of being a cabin crew/flight attendant/flight steward/*whatever you call us these days*. well of course to enjoy a certain luxury, one of course, have to experience the other half. when there's weapon there's bullets. to have the luxury of shooting one need to experience the bullet dodging *mind my metaphor, im currently watching lords of war hahaha*. nevermind that, anyway on the other hand i have my standard chartered 10km run coming this weekend, all the best to me, with no training at all i need to run 10km in less than 75 minutes, god knows how i will suffer. and owh did i mention i was one of the few who was invited to this mysterious briefing by my company. of course i wouldnt show the email here but i was invited for a briefing on a certain date but of course them being them, they didnt enclose or wrote whats the briefing is all about. yes i do have all sort of ideas or scenario running tru my head but im trying not to think to much on it, tho I AM thinking about it right now but i just cant help it *and owh lords of war just oni finished, superb movie of course*. probably there's a few hundred or puluh people is invited but still cant help to think all the worst case scenario or topic that will be laid down to us. "When had i ever needed to invite trouble in? it always found me, no matter where I hid..." LOL a direct quote taken from my latest addiction besides diablo 3; MAX fucking PAYNE 3!

no describing needed as the gameplay is still same ol same ol el maxy payne. to think that they made a grave mistake by releasing it on the same week/month with diablo 3, no they not. yes diablo has always been a good hack and slash game since no.1 till this but the story line has always been THAT. but max payne on the other hand is something else man. the story line, the character, the bullet time thingy is just awesome! but then again the problem with PC games nowadays the gameplay is just too damn short. Modern Warfare, Assasins Creed, Black Ops and "u name it!" it took a wholesome of your harddisk for installation but you can just finish the whole thing in a week time. back then games took me awhile to finish! Crusader: no remorse/regret, Resident Evil, Quake, Doom or whatever. anyway ill continue again later since i only have another 6 hour before my call time and sadly i have 4 fucking sectors tomorrow TPE/BKI/TWU/BKI/LBU *talking about doging bullets, i took this straight in the knee hahaha (play skyrim, you'll understand)* and owh did i told you the other day i was laugh at for saying that i still use film roll, i mean not literally, coz they were sayin like "who in the world still uses film roll *laughs*" tapi dalam hati saya tengah angkat tangan tinggi-tinggi. hahaha

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