Sunday, July 8, 2012

dream a little dream

london, paris, new york, prague and of course ibiza. i couldnt help it, having all those dreams or hope to get there or spend the whole weekends in one of those places. of course seeing how things are i couldnt even possibly dream of having a glass of riesling while watching the sunset right at the background of the eiffel tower and sitting right by the port debilly pavement or perhaps running up and down in central park then off to battery park and spend the whole day in times square looking at people and stuff. theather in broadway, paintings in the lourve, subway in london, absinthe in ibiza and of course the medieval architechture in prague. no not even a glance of an image i could possibly imagine now. looking at how things are i guess these are the dreams that what they say its just unreachable. just will never be. of course it hasnt always been like this, last year i was all hype planning financially for a trip to london only to have it all crushed down by the company's downsizing plan. probably its just inevitable, somehow somewhere its going to happen but of course i couldnt help wondering why me? ive been nothing but a good boy in the company but why me? not to say that its sortof like a punishment but IT IS! why most of us who have been such a saint this past 3 years, have to be in this group where as there's hundreds more that probably i could say a total opposite from what we are. i really couldnt help to notice in the midst of this happening in the company, there are still those a little bunch who are hoping for a good thing to come, rest assured, im sure to say this but, it is called a downsizing dude! nothing good will come out of a downsizing! i could kepp on bla bla bla bla bla on this but i dont think its a healthy thing for me. anyway yeah all those places i dream about, naaah... probably i could just enjoy em on google street. probably i could just sat right at the curb down at my apartment and open up my lappy, set the google street to port debilly and pop a bottle of sparkling. yeah that is the best i could do right now

"ahhh thats the life..."

funny? sad? yeah my life is pretty sad right now. probably you might think that im a material kindof person, no... i only want to experience all this little things in life, but of course, ever since i was born "choice" isnt always been there for me. i just drove down the road in which the possibly best thing to do at the moment. they say "take risk and jump out of your comfort zone! you might surprise yourself..." of course i would surprise my self by being pennyless and homeless. i would take my chances but only if i feel really safe to take that chance, i wouldnt jump into a hole without knowing how deep it is... without knowing what awaits me... thats just not me. yeah "rezeki" is everywhere, but its a matter of would it be sufficient or not. i could just quit whatever im doing right now and became a server in some random restaurant but of course i would have to give my car to the bank and move out from my apartment. i love flying, there's not a minute spent not thinking about the destination that i could or might be doing at the moment but of course heights has always been an issue for me. technically im the regular asian guy height, if i were to attend emirates/qatar/singapore/etihad airways interview, they wouldnt pick the regular asian height, of course they would pick that giraffe among the zebras. jumping into other airlines probably will only be a dream. so for the time being i'll stay and see where this road leads me to. i might apply for other airlines interview, but being called up for a interview session will not be most likely.

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