Wednesday, June 6, 2012

so whats been going on...?

so its been awhile since my last post ey?! owh well guess there's no point in writing the same ol thing everyday... nothing much have been going on, like how they say its the same shit different day. a day in work is just like every other day. i believe since early this year we havnt been getting good routes/flights. its been awhile since ive been to tokyo, south korea, dubai and so on. owh well i believe we are on the verge of ending our loss streak, probably next year or the year after we are gonna start kicking other airlines's ass again. hahah probably! by the time most of our 738 and a380 has came in and all of our 734 has been phase out, then only i believe we are ready to rock and roll. so on the other hand, we are doing this secondment thinggy with QR. and as expected i was screaming on top of my lungs (not really of course) when i first read the email. why im so earger, is of course because it is a SECONDMENT! i will only gonna be there for a certain period of time and i'll come back here once the whole period is done (its 12 month in this case). i say that it is good because, if i were to get into QR as their own crew, most probably if i like it or dont, i HAVE to stay as i dont have anything else to lean on, buutt if its a secondment i only have to finish my 12 month period and voillah, if i like it then probably i could work something out but if i dont at least i get to collect some money for myself and yeah get to operate all sort of aircraft and destination. at least for 12 month i could at least experience being somewhere other than here... being somewhere where i am the minority! where u have to stick around with "your" peeps in order to survive! but one thing i really dont get is those who doesnt or against this whole secondment. they came out with all sort of reason, all sort of things... if they are happy, who am i to say anything about it. but as for me, i hope they'll take me in. this is my only (or maybe the most suitable condition to try out staying overseas) shot for other airlines before i became too comfortable with whatever this is (pointing out to my uniform) hahah