Saturday, January 28, 2012

interview interview interview and interview

as you know, or you should know that if one started his/her career in airlines, its really hard for one to do anything else unless if its involve a large sum of money and boobs, then one might consider the option or the possibilities of walking away from the aviation industry. and fyi ive been interview hunting ever since the rumors of the "hostile take over" started. so next month is like the month of interviews! theres this new singapore based budjet airlines called Scoot Airlines (i wonder who came up with that name? are they a commercial airline or a factory that make scooters) looking for experienced crew, qatar, emirates (and for the first time they're looking for malay and vietnam speaking candidates in which im really eager to apply), the forever in deciding airlines; redQ (qantas hasnt still decided wether they want the airline to be Singapore or Kuala Lumpur based, quality vs quatity) and not forgeting our forever be nemesis; airasia. its like an airlines interview buffet! really hoping for emirates! i seriously wanna operate 747 and a380 before i settle down in an airline. or better yet a dream liner, that would be a bonus! nuff with my daydreaming. just hope they will be interested in me. :)
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