Saturday, January 21, 2012

ba da da dum

for some reason, running has been a way for me to release my steam off. i dunno, whenever i run, felt like all the kusut-ness in my head is being roll over by a steam roller and for awhile, i can rearrange my problems accordingly. yeah it doesnt solve anything but it just make everything seems a bit clearer. thats why i like my random daily run. but i could never run on a straight line, coz ill be even much more stressed, coz i will (in a way) feels like i would never reach my destination (rasa macam jauh). next marathon would be in march. running 10km at bukit jalil. starting point would be at the stadium itself, going tru IMU, espelanade, green avenue condo, green field apartment, BJCC and back to the stadium.

moving on,
yup ive just moved to a new place! m now staying with 2 of my favorite person in the airline. from A-15-3A to D-3A-6. :D it is sad that i had to leave my old place but its kinda interesting that m moving to a place that doesnt have any animal fur flying around. yipee! everything is better in every way. :D bestie sed m a sombong housemate, (sorry m getting used to this whole new environment! my last housemates doesnt lepak in the hall, we all just hide in our room).

same shit, different day. cant really say much about anything. owh yeah, theres a new airline on the way maaan. scoot airline (, which is owned fully by SQ. they are looking for crews! tapi budjet airline... sigh...

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