Thursday, September 8, 2011

u get as what u hope for

Recently ive just finished reading the secrets by rhonda byrne. Nope its not a fiction book nor a conspiracy theory kinda book. Its a selfhelp kinda book, something like those chicken soup collection. So after spending numerous hours during layover/nightstop reading that book to sleep, its kinda interesting tho. Everyone has been saying that the whole content of that book is a bit syirik (please google). Coz it says that our mind is connected to each other in a whole other diff universe. So whatever we do, think or act here effects the other universe and vice versa. So technically if we think, talk or do about something, automatically u are attracting that aura to you. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla doesnt matter how you put it, it will only focus on the main topic. Example, i dont wanna meet adrian later thus you will meet him later or i would rather date a guy than her thus guys will be attracted to you, that kinda thing lah. So what makes it more interesting, i have been yapping about accidents and how my car got hit during my whole 3 days trip. Ngam2 lepas i balik, nak pergi lepak kat marrakesh, otw tue pow! kene langgar ngan bus. Luckily it was a slow mo punye accident. Eventhou i refuse to believe the whole "you think, you get" concept (to me its just the author trying to say stop being so negative, positive aura will make you better in life) but kebetulan kot. Even few days before my first accident, i kept telling myself that "everyone has their first accident, so like it or not you'll have your first. so be cool bro...". Maybe the whole other diff universe doesnt exist but i do believe that everything you say or think is like a doa. The more u think/talk about it, you are actually praying for it to happen. We always see the bad things in everything and thats why we never noticed all the good things that have happen to us. Like what our parents always says, "ape awak cakap tue doa, jangan lah doakan kecelakaan dekat orang...".
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