Thursday, September 15, 2011

the day that my dream crumbled to dust

just came back from an easy LBU layover. surprisingly i was the most senior steward on that flight. flew with my twin batchmates. so as expected, we wanted to had our dinner to that overly famous food court right beside the hotel. but sadly it was raining meow meow and woof woof. so we had to head down to the coffee house and have that rm20 fried rice (i could literally have 5 of the same nasi goreng in a mamak. jeez hotel and their overly priced food).

nak buat cerita, im flying with this FS who went for almost all airlines interview yang ada kat malaysia (except AK :P). so he was telling me how he went tru till the last stage of emirates interview. how was the whole thing goin on. one thing he highlighted to me was that:

"bro tak kira emirates ke, etihad ke, dorang datang malaysia nak cari mandarin or cantonese speaking crew. kalau dorang nak normal speaking crew, baik dorang amik european ke, americans ka. english dorang lagi kebaboom..."

"so kate lah kalau aku nak belajar cantonese or mandarin, kau rasa 2 - 3 tahun cukup tak?" i replied

he said "boleh kooooot. tapi itu pun ko kene makan pill limitless tue. *gelak macam setan* hahahah"

me (-_-")

so really ka? cari mandarin/cantonese speaking crew saje? i thought the whole thing is for the culture diversity shit. haih. so am i gonna endup being a normal crew for 20 fucking years? am i gonna be that old crew who complains alot but do nothing about it? am i gonna turn out like those person i hate in the airline? urrhhghhghghghghghgh. *i think too much*

owh well doesnt matter what he sed, it wont stop me from trying tho. nothing to lose bah.

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  1. Tak jugak..

    Dari blaja mandarin/cantonese,baik blaja arab terus.confirm diorang ambik.huahuahua

    Sometimes kan,its just ur luck nak dapat ke tak.rezeki kan.aku rasa that FS kena mandi bunga 44malam la.ahahahahhaha