Saturday, September 17, 2011

permandangan dari atas

whenever in the future i lost track of what or where i wanna be, i shall watch this movie again and shout "paris first class, international...".

the story tells you about a small-town girl(gwyneth paltrow) who is so much so wants to get out from her town, hence becoming a flight attendant. she started from a budjet/small-time airline and later on transfer herself onto another (big)airline, which she started off as a domestic(short haul flights) route crew and later on as an international(long haul flights) route. its whenever she lost track of what she want in life she would say "paris first class, international...", because thats where she wants to be and belong.

obsessed you say? no dont think so, i just know that my life is much more than this *showing my roster*! i dont wanna stuck day in, day out doing this route and only this. i wanna to take it up onto the next level! as what ariel would say "i want moooooorrreee...". no its not about the money *maaayyybee a little part of it* but its more to achieving something in life. more like making myself happy.

Adam Subandi : Dan kamu ngangap pekerjaan pengantar roll film itu sebagai karir(career)?
Joni: Kenapa ngak?
Adam Subandi: Kamu itu sebetulnya pintar kelihatannya, tapi kenapa jadi under achiever. Kamu bisa dapat pekerjaan yang lebih bagus kalau kamu mau.
Joni: Memangnya kriteria anda tentang pekerjaan yang lebih baik itu apa? yang lebih banyak duitnya?
Adam Subandi: Bener kan.
Joni: Men ! Ah ! Lu ngecewain gue, buat seorang seniman pikiran lu ituh terlalu dangkal.
Adam Subandi: Jelaskan?
Joni: Pekerjaan paling baik adalah dimana lu bisa nikmatin pekerjaan itu.
Adam Subandi: Dan kamu menikmati pekerjaan sebagai pengantar film?
Joni: Ya, pekerjaan antar mengantar adalah bentuk dasar dari semua bentuk silaturahmi, karena sifatnya menghubung-hubungkan orang. Ingat nabi-nabi kan? Tugasnya juga mengantarkan pesan dari Tuhan ke manusia.

Taken from the movie Janji Joni (2005)

at the end of the day, you would sit down and ask yourself "are you happy with this?". "are you truly happy with what have you achieve in life?".

but why are am i so obsessed with airlines and route? simple, ive been serving customer/passenger/guest in my career lifelong. so i guess airlines is on top of the pyramid. no i dont want to go back to hotel-life and F&B industry, the only way im going is UP!

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