Tuesday, September 6, 2011

silly as it gets

dream. what you want to be, what u want, u need, who you wish to be with, an idea of accomplishment and so on lah. still remember clearly when i was in kindergarden, my ambition was to be a fire fighter (dunno whats playing on my mind that time), then during primary school i always imagine myself as a ranjer, marine or anything that has that espionage shit. Later on in secondary ive tried my best to become a dentist but failed miserabably. After school, since i was so much into our local art scene, ive always want to be a canvas-drawing-artist-cum-poet. Hahaha it shows that how fickle minded i am ever since i was little. I dont seems to stick on a one way road. Then during college time, yeah u guess; a chef in an international hotel with michellin award and culinare awards. Hahaha and now since im already in an airline i guess i should just go with the flow. To move back into hotel line, guess its too late d. So what im really hoping for right now is emirates. Yup emirates. It gets even more silly when im only applying for emirates and no other airlines. I would literally give up everything for a place in emirates. Dont ask me why, maybe its because all the news about emirates ive been reading lately and how their corprate image has been lift up by their plans to get even more a380 and employ summore 2000 plus cabin crew. And no its not because of a certain sumone who just started flying in emirates, no its not because of her. And no i dont want etihad, cathay etc. Why? Maybe coz i havnt heard much news about etihad eventho they are much better than emirates (says the latest skytrax survey). For a job that suppose to get me places, right now im not so much of going places, more like cuti-cuti malaysia. I wont start bitching my company coz without em, i wont get the chance to even start flying. No matter how bad things are, they are doing their best to please everyone. And yes nothing is perfect and u cant pleased everyone.

"it aint gonna rain all day sunshine..."
The Crow

Technically i think im in this mid 20's age crisis. Yup next year m gonna be 25 and accomplisment so far is none. I need something, just something firm enough for me to hold on to. I know i aint that tall enough to have this sky high dream, but i wont stop trying. Age is catching up, i need this. Fast. *trying my best not to sound desperate tho...* So right now my dream is to be in emirates. Fly to moscow, canada and so on. Based in DXB? I say bring it on!!!
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  1. all the very best, alif...hope you will get what you want... :D this is a very nice read, tau...english A-okay... :D :D have a GREAT life...cheers---

  2. Holy shmoly... i have an actual reader! *excited to reply* hahaha
    Owh well lets just hope in the end we'll eventually get what we want eventho it mighy be slightly diff from what we have planned.

  3. :D that's right...you do have an actual reader... :D remember alif : attitude is everything...be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle...i knw you'll do well...take good care!!