Saturday, July 16, 2011

Urbanoscapo 2011

Back then it was known as KLue Urbanscapes, now its just Urbanscapes je. Basically tadi for performance the was the mainstage, moonshine stage, junk stage, live experience stage and x-"something" stage. A long stretch of booth selling from crapo stuff, cams to shirt, dresses and stuffs. There was a only a few booth selling over priced food. And there wasnt a proper place to chill (the sun was literally an inch above my head, it was freaking hot with no shade to cover myself). It was a great event, spacious, so that people isnt crowding around like back then in KLpac, it was like rootz on saturday night. But the low down was since there was too many stage to go to and they all played at the same time so crowd was scattered all over the place, imagine like there was this biiiiig one stage but the crowd macam a few je coz most of them are all at diff stage. Even when najwa was singging on the mainstage, most of the people was at t junk stage coz liyani fizi was performing. Management agak suckie. The speedzone was el perfecto, the beatbox performance was a killah. A dude who can sing p.ramlee song and yet he can still beatboxing. Wasnt much of activities to do. Art installment pun kurang. Parking was a pain in thr backside. With all this going on of course i met all those long lost event friends. My mosh friends, performers (jiwa, ayak, pejal, tengku, tara, cease), booth peeps (shikin, ice, nareez, mo and few others), poly dudes and some other who i classified them as the raingers (we used to follow hujan their every other gigs). It was very nostalgic. Cheeehwah. Kononnye. It took remind me back in 2008 when i used to perform and organized gigs (FYI i did the soft launching of JayaOne yeeeaa). RANtai Art Events, kugilalensa, quickie 8tv, bangkit, funky doryz and stuff. Haha those were the days la.
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