Thursday, July 7, 2011

B U N C I T iHATEyou

Its hard being buncit. Its never easy. Im always shy when taking off my shirt whenever m at the beach or pool, no self confidence when going after girls, always have to tuck in all those spare tyres and pouch bag especially during safety demo, whenever seated at your crew seat its evenharder to pull in all those fats in, crew always go "duddee is that your stomach", all your jeans doesnt fit right anymore, u need to breathe in when putting on your pants, my hips are getting bigger, u ran what 5km? 7km? 10km? For nothing, all your loose pants are now like a skinny pants, u dont feel right, how do you dress to impress but you yourself are not impressive, i have a height issue and now perut issue, ive always wanted to go for all that adds casting but obviously not with this perut, they say its cute to have a lil bit of perut but this aint no lil bit nemore, im prone to looking at t mirror and feel bad about myself, light colours doesnt suit me nemore, the more i try to lose my perut t bigger it gets, i like food, like literally everything but due to this perut issue i had to cut all those nasty fatty foods, i tried to not eat rice but come on! ive been living with rice for almost 24 years, i cant watch all those branded stuff adds coz ill envy those guys with nice abs and killa cuts and few others. Its not like im not doing anything about it, i doooo but gila it doesnt work man. Im thinkking of lipo and slimming tea but i just cant handle t whole shitting and sitting in t toilet 24/7. Plus lipo mahal kot. Urgh why cnt u just go away buncit.
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