Monday, July 4, 2011

For whom i would never know

Your hand that i could hold,
A love story that i could told,
A lips that i could kiss,
A life that i would miss,
A heart to be sold,
To whom i would never know,
A night that i could remember,
With whom ive always wonder,
A gentle touch ive always hunger,
A warm cuddle that i crave,
Your heart i would keep safe,
Forever together i would say,
Happiness everyday,
Ive found you i would finally say,
Unconditional love from me,
Your heart and soul i would be,
All this wishes,
Are nothing but just wishes,
Too long i have been,
From a lust forest for what i was,
Now a dried dessert ive become,
What did i do to deserve this?
Is this karma? Or what ever this is...
4 long years,
Isnt thats enough?
It should have made me tougher,
Instead ive grown weaker,
Deep inside im getting bitter,
Felt like im trapped,
Totured and half dead,
For ive only watched,
Not to feel or touch,
Never to say or confide,
One word i have for this,
Definately not love what this is,
An eternal loneliness,
For what it have been,
If capulet and montague were starcrossed lovers,
Then im starcrossed with my own fate forever,
A promise of a soulmate,
But not a guaranteed hapiness,
Owh life owh life i really hate,
One day maybe one day,
A story,
A lips,
A night,
A wish,
For whom i would never know...
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