Wednesday, July 25, 2012

just sayin....

"remember remember the 5th of november, the gunpowder treason and plot..."

did any of you watched V for vendetta a while back ago? secara kasarnya its about a guy who spark a revolution in a country. there's a reason why he choose 5th of november, since back in the 16th century there was a bunch of guys who planned to kill some king in the parliament house by blowing the whole building to the ground. i believe one of the guys was guys fawkes. so itu lah kenapa V memilih 5th of november, topeng guy fawkes dan amik tube filled with explosive and crashing it straight down to the parliament house. it was all lined up to each other so that it would all make sense and people would actually understand the message that he was trying to send out. it would be somewhat misunderstood if he wear a ski mask, choose 4th of july and smoke the parliament house with biological weapon. it wouldnt make sense and probably most people wont be trying to get associated with. i believe when you trying revolt, resist, uprising, reform or what ever you trying to do, it would actually make sense to people and to the government or management especially. if you choose one date out of random and yes, only random people will be joining. IT GOTTA MAKE SENSE HOMEBOY! i just couldnt comprehend these people who do this kinda thing, they do it just because they just feel like doing it, not because they want to make something out of it or probably make a statement out of it otherwise your energy, money and time wasted in vain. just sayin.

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