Monday, August 8, 2011

my new darlings!

owh yes its my not-so-brand-new Sony Vaio, VPCEA36FG

and my uber cool fisheye 2.0!

Finally man, after a few months of no-alco and no-cucuk-langit, i managed, i managed to get myself a decent lappy and a camera which ive always wanted. so technically this is the reward i get for being much patient with the passenger and my fellow crew. thank you! hahahah but this lappy has made me anti social siot. i play games 24/8/365!! like tadi right after sahur i started playing fallout 3 and tau tau tibe-tibe my brother ketuk bilik ajak pergi beli juadah berbuka T_T. so technically i was hooked on my lappy for 12 long hours. jeez, gilo ke ngapo? luckily its the month of ramadhan so no heavy activities for me, no 10km run, no nothing to miss out on. hahaha i even choose mr. lappy over lepaking with some friends. haiya *ketuk dahi*....

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