Monday, August 8, 2011

jumping jumping *wait for it* DENIED!

the whole point of getting into this game is obviously not because of the people and the money, its the opportunity for you to travel but not paying for the transportation and accommodation. isnt it good? all you have to do is serve a few hundred passenger and voillah you're flying here and there. true its fun *technically the whole thing is fun, only if you discard the serving part*! but in my case, its not fun when all i do is regional layover flights and international daily flight. yeah i do get international layover every now and then but COME ON! *i would like to continue my ranting but i rather not* its even more frustrating when few of my batch mates are already jump off to other airlines, seeing their status updates and pictures makes me frustrated with my dead end job sometimes. one fellow ex colleague did her first flight to MAN! how cool is that? i know millions would trade to be in my shoes right now, but come on, who wants to be a cabin crew when the furthers u travel is just to east malaysia? im not flying for AK for godsake. ive sent out numerous CV's out to that 2 particular UAE based airline but sadly they are looking for stewardess ONLY for the time being and if they are looking for stewards, dont think my height would be something they highlight. shitty la, my one weakness is the one thing they look in a candidates *apart from the qualification and stuff*. people always says that those who went to any airlines interview and hoping to get in are the one who didnt get picked but its those who went to teman their friends or just for the sake of trying. so technically once you put some hope in getting in, its the minute you arent qualified to get in. so the moment i start having hope to jump off to other airlines, awal-awal lagi dah tak kene picked. sad sad sad. some say that im not grateful enough with what i have. "nanti yang dikendong berciciran dan yang dikejar hilang...", no im not being ungrateful but its more of getting out of my comfort zone. when you play diablo takkan nak biar je character tue kat level 1? sure of course you want your character to level up till all the monster couldnt even pinch you! yes thats what im talking about, i want to upgrade my self, i want to level up! being just this isnt good enough for me, i want.... i need more.

*currently listening to "Arlina Orlova - Paskutinio Mamuto Daina"*

if i were given a chance, i would love to travel to moscow, latvia, yukon, toronto, dominican republic, paris and london of course.

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