Tuesday, August 9, 2011

bersih 2.0

have any of you guys (as if anyone is reading this) watched battle in seattle. no its not about how alien invade seattle and try to take our water supply (if you happen to think of battle of los angeles). its about a few bunch of NGOs who thinks that WTO (world trade organisation) is doing a pretty fucked up job (they are!) and doin a peaceful rally about it.

the movie focused on this one particular activist who have been involved in so many rallies in which eventually became the reason why he brother died; so called peaceful rally. so ever since then he became even much more active in rallies and believe that the people (in the name of democracy) should do something about this fucked up world and the fucked up government. it is based on a true story by the way. so they were doing the peaceful rally, minding their own business, police was not in their way or anything, and suddenly came this one group which call themselves as the anarchy and start making nuisance and huru-hara which force the police to take down the whole activist group throughout seattle wether they are from the anarchy group or not.

"power to the people..."
zack de la rocha

so what am i try to say/imply here? we all knew the whole commotion on bersih 2.0 (what has almost became a bloodbath between the patriot and the bersih), about how the police disperse them without any discussion/negotiation, about how the police use brute force to disperse them, about how our PM congratulate the police force in doing such a very good job and no im not gonna touch on Mat Sabu and Al-Juburi subject because im not on the opposition side nor the government side. yes the Bersih 2.0 committee said that it was a peaceful rally and police has obviously use their force in a not so good way. so how can you possibly say that out of the few thousands who came for that rally and even one of them had this "rage" idea in the mind. COME ON! yes it was a peaceful rally and i truly believe in order to tarnish the police force image some of them had poke the sleeping giant. maybe it was one or two of them in which the police had to take an immediate action to disperse them. and they say that the police force disperse them without any negotiation or discussion before they start firing the water gun and the rubber bullet, MY ASS! the whole negotiation was held months before the rally, between the bersih 2.0 committee and the government. it is when their rally proposal request is denied is when the police force has agree that if they decide to go on with this rally they will disperse them in any way. and the aftermath? even after bersih 1.0 and now this bersih 2.0 has the government actually put any thoughts in any of their 8 requests. i do believe that we need a clean and fair election, but if putting the citizen on the front line is the only way to do so, i dont believe in this whole thing. i believe they are trying to make this into a spectators sport. if you are willing to die for your country, this is not the way! if you believe that if you willing to make a change, this is definitely not the way. look at yourself, the parties you are voting for, regardless opposition nor government, do you strongly believe that they are 100% bersih? noo. no matter where they stand, they will always be a lil bad in them. im not so much into politics, maybe i speak without any facts or knowledge to support my ideas but think about it.

bersih aftermath, those who caught during the rally, are they still in the lokap?

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