Friday, January 7, 2011


this april im gonna celebrate my 2nd year in the airline! i can tell you no its not easy being a crew. not at all. its not just about coffee and tea, chicken or beef, window seat or aisle seat. not its much more than that, way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more that what you think. but after 20 month in this airline, i still cant figure out why oh why this job is super hard. i mean back then i used to work in all sort of jobs, but meeting a dificult customer was never a daily routine. i mean back then i always bitch about the management and colleagues, there was never a day that 80% of my customer are stupido arseholes. never. honestly. never! but in this line of work, meeting them is like... *lets just say if everytime i meet one i could get a penny, i would have become a millionaire by now*.

my colleague always says that when u r a crew, you go to work blindfolded, meaning you dont know what to expect, you know what ur suppose to do but you wouldnt know who you'll be dancing with or who will you be fighting with. but the good thing about this job is that you wont get to have any assignments with due date or homeworks. when you leave your jobs in the aircraft, ur not gonna bring the carts or trolley home for any assignments or jobs. no you wont. isnt it great? u spend your offdays worrying about everything except for work. yup very true.

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