Friday, January 7, 2011

broke my back

initially i wanted to write a post on the passenger. i wanted to write about all those snobbish, fussy, ridiculous, ignorance, good, annoying, moronic etc passenger. yup bitching about the people who i served, who annoy the hell out of me but at the same time the person who pays my salary. but then again i cant think of any long sentence to describe every each one of em. they annoy the hell out of me to the point i cant make up any long sentence to really explain how they treat the crew member. just one simple word will do. haha

owh well lemme try to writesomthing about them here *since thats the whole point of this blog* haha
a. the travelling businessman - they often seen with a cabin size trolley bag and a laptop bag. no complains easy to deal with. they know where they seat. they know how to arrange they luggage on the compartment. no complains!
b. indians - refering to the indians from india *the one who russel always make jokes about*. for some reason they happen to love water and cola. the moment they board the aircraft they gonna start telling you a sad sad sad looooong story about how they get thirsty and they want some water! dont tell me they dont sell water at the airport? they tend to be fussy about everything. there's always something wrong about something. the other day an indian passenger said that i was incompetent because he didnt ordered any vegetarian meal and when i was serving him i couldnt get any vegerarian meal, so because of that i was an incopetent! WTF! and they also carry like humongous bag which according to them they thought that it is cabin sized. *are you kidding me?* dah la besar, lepas tue berat gila bapak! last but not least they never order everything on one time they like the crew to walk ulang-alik dari galley to them. make them feel superior kot!
c. the tour group - usually its chinese from ROC or taiwan. consist 15 or more of them. they treat the aircraft like a bus. as if the seating is not numbered. they seat according to them, as long as they sat together its ok for them! i dont mind if they bought the whole aircraft buuuut, there's other passenger too you know!
d. the helpful type - little that they know that their 'exra hand' is not needed actually. m refering to those who like to rearrange the stuff on the meal tray so that *to them* it would make our work easier, yeah by stacking 4 trays on to one tray. good thinkking mate! try to put you mind on to the aircraft for a moment dude, its a small aircraft with a limited space, to fully utilize the space thing should go out and in as they are. haih.
e. the irresponsible travelling family - this im dedicating to the family who doesnt know how to reach the airport early and to do an early checkins. i mean why do you burden us with your problem not seating together?! since its all you mistake in the first place for not coming early and not having the privilages to choose your seat. ok maybe im being inconsiderate but sometimes the flight is only an hour so cant you just be separated for an hour?! come on!!!! plus sometimes you have your infants with you and all and why cant you just prepared all the milk and stuff at the hotel/home? time boarding lah nak itu, ini etc. and then bila nak tukar pampers, FYI you should do it in the toilet NOT IN THE CABIN FOR GODSAKE! lepas tue nak pass pampers tue kat the crew!
f. workers - saya suka mereka! senang in everyway. they're not fussy and stuff. they dont have much request except for beers, whisky and stuff. but other than that they are A-OK.
g. DHC - dead heading crew. no they dont cause me any problems or anything. its just that everytime i have one on my flight i felt like my every step and action is being monitored by someone. AWKWARDD! huhu
h. the balik kampung - pergi/balik semua masalah! why? since their cargo bag allowance dah penuh so they would carry all those other stff nak bawak balik kampung or the other way around balik! tamau bayar over weight so sumbat dalam cabin je lah, regardless the size. and then if korang masuk aircraft lambat nak salahkan cabin sempit dan kecik sebab tak mampu nak masukkan 10 bag dorang. USE YOUR BLODDY COMMONSENSE laaa. lepas tue bawak something fragile nak suruh jaga2 dengan barang tue, kalau fragile sangat letak lah bawah seat, owh i forgot its to big to put under ur precious ass.
i. the aunties and the uncles - bawak beg gedabak besar and expext the crew to carry it for them! i mean kalau dah tak larat masukkan kan je lah dalam cargo plus kalau dah larat bawak sampai ke aircraft what seems to be the problem to carry it just a lttle bit more?! come on its not that i dont wanna help can you please imagine if i have to help 10 of you every day on every each flight, by end of the month i would endup in the hospital dah! and yeah i call em the aunties and the uncles its not because that they old, they complain and act like they one!

there's really a few bunch more of them but i really cant put it here since i felt that nanti bunyi macam like im a super racist kinda dude!

"why do we carry the ignorance of our passenger on our shoulder?"

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