Wednesday, November 3, 2010

work, working and earning money

i almost forgot that i have a blog. *giggles*

at first i thought being a grown up its all about work, working and earning money. no no i got it all wrong. i think if you pick anyone in this world i guess he/she could work and earn anytime or anywhere. but not all can cope with all the responsibilities and commitments that grown ups suppose to deal with. for instance how would one divide its salary(X) into a few categories - car+loans+etc(w), shop(y), savings(z), insurance(a), emergency money(b) and miscellaneous(c). let see supposedly its should be like this

x = w + y + z + a + b + c

easy right? on paper yup it looks terribly easy!! simple as 1,2,3! but i endup doing

x = w + 4(y) + ( 0 x ( z + b ) ) + a + 0.5(c)

its almost been 2 years ive been in this company and yet not a single cent ive manage to save. especially this month i really felt that emergency money is really important since i splurge on unnecessary things and forgot about the real important stuff. plus my car is playing some jokes on me the other day, my car wouldnt start. it took me roughly 1/2 an hour to get it started. so in the end i had to borrow money from my brother for my daily spending and to service my car. i would not blame this on god or to somebody else, since this is 100% purely my mistakes all the way. usually i would blaming god for why putting all this bala on me and stuff but when i look at it in a different perspective, god has blessed me with a wonderful job, good friends, supportive family and a naughty cat but i failed to be grateful with i have and always wanting more. so i guess being grown up is not about the job or work you're doing, its not the number you carry in your atm every end of the month but its the ability to manage yourself. i guess im not a grown up yet. i fail, miserably...

p.s = i guess next month i need to add debts(d) in the equation

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