Wednesday, November 3, 2010

love, weddings and changes

woaw im impressed with myself. i manage to write a post which use 99.9% english word but not with good or right vocabulary *refering to my previous post*. hahah yes that was the whole point of this blog initially, to improve my english thus making me more confident to use and speak english everytime and anytime.

moving on
few days back, a good friend of mine and my ex-neighbor got married. in such a way it was also sorta like our small reunion. 12 out of 16 09/09-ians came to the wedding. it was fun i would say as i could see the changes that the airline gave to each and every one of us. *giggles* owh well the focus is not to them or the reunion thinggy but its the wedding. hasse and mimi's day i would call it. i've went to numerous weddings but for the first time, i actually envied the couple getting married. nooooooooo its not that i got the hots for mimi or something butttttt, its the whole 'i love you' mood. it made me felt lonely. yup, ive been single most of my life. i always depend on my friends to make me feel less lonely but still at night or at times there are moment where i find myself alone and have no one. i for one really believes that money is everything. it could buy anything from a person to love. but on that day i believe that both of them have something that not even money could buy. which i cant explain. it sorta like an X-factor. hohoho i dont know when i talk about all this love stuff i would always feeling sorry for myself. why you ask?

a. getting over diana (my ex) was the easy part but getting over the fact that our relationship is never ever gonna work out anymore was another thing. i would sometimes found myself texting her whenever im lonely. at times i would able to stop myself from doing so, but most of the times i cant. i believe when i saw her with someone else back then that made me realize that its over. ITS OVERR!
b. yup relationship is expensive, but how come some of my friends who earn 1/2 of what im making every month is able to do stuff with their other half e.g holidays, eat at fancy restaurant etc
c. being single for a long period has it perks, yeah i am able to have fun and go all out with no boundaries and such. but after that long 4 years i endup losing my touch or momentum in this 'game'. a player who pause his game for so long and endup forgetting how to even play the game.

*refering to c* yup isnt it sad when i look at someone, but i fail to have any feelings for her. to make things even worst i dont even know how to 'usha' any girls anymore. isnt it sad? i feel like a guy who is reaching his mid 70's and found out that 'i could not get it UP anymore'. urgh. owh well if could manage to stay single for this long why not just stay a bit longer and see where this road takes me. *wink* *wink*

on the other hand
sally is moving out from my house. so thats left me with char, cryst and not forgetting the mother of all brat, silver. *i dunno for some reason i like to blame silver for all the mess in the house :P* i dont quite like the idea of "moving on". if it possible i would really like thing to be same for a loooooooong period. the fact that sally is moving out is really sad since i dont have anyone who is so much of a high roller in the house. plus at least sally would give me a hand or two to clean up the house. urgh. i hate changes. i would really love to have wanie and hairul at 9th floor again. that would be a good change. :P

last but not least
flights hasnt been good nor bad. so-so for me this past few months. so far internationally ive went to

a. Dubai, UAE
b. Perth, Australi
c. Colombo, Sri Lanka
d. Incheon/Seoul, South Korea
e. Taipei, Taiwan
f. Beijing, ROC
g. Jakarta, Indonesia
h. New Delhi, India

this job has able me to see thing in a very wide perspective and thus making me appreciate to be in Malaysia instead of some other countries. no matter how bad this here, there's always some place elsewhere which is 100 times lagi teruk. i like flying and i dont really think i could stop. its not something i thought i would like but owh well life has gazillion ways in surprising you.

owh yeah i forgot, i really wanted to blog about Beijing and i totally forgot. the other day i did Beijing nightstop (or international terms they would call it layover). i notice in Beijing there's a lots of imitation stuff and im not talking about your usual D&G, Gucci, Guess or Rolex but in Beijing you can found all sort of stuff being 'pirated' from salvatore, hermes to even samsonite and moleskine. i mean WTF! are you like f-ing serious. me myself has always been crazy about labels (or in other word LABEL FREAK!) and stuff, but after Beijing i sorta felt rugi and menyesal for being such a dunce in fashion. i donno when i wear all this expensive label, i felt like im flying uppp in the sky (even tho flying is my job but this is diff). anywaaay when im in beijing it suddently strike me, what if all this while those stuff i bought from those designers label shop is actually the same thing that those chinamen pruducts in beijing? what if? would i still be flying or crashing down?

before i leave
i think my new year's resolution for next year is to be a grown up! i hope i dont fail miserably... AGAIN.

p.s at last ive manage to update my blog with a fragment of my everyday life. eventho i think nobody reads em, at least this is one place i could talk (write) freely. i dont talk about myself to people so at least i write it down. :)

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  1. THANK YOU for updating..
    and I read your blog.. and I don't think I'm nobody.. or at least I don't feel like one today :P

    and I don't usually look back.. so.. sorry about being back in 9th floor. not gonna happen :P hihi

    actually macam banyak nak comment on this post but I don't feel like blogging on other people's blog. hahahahha

    take care kiddo.. see you around :P