Monday, March 8, 2010

when i was little

"good morning, welcome onboard..."

these are the four words that literally melt me when i board the aircraft or wal to my seat. i still remember when i was little, i would stare at their uniform and name tag wishing that it is me inside that uniform. hahah now only i realize how crazy i am about this job.

"ladies and gentlemen,
this is your seatbelt, to fasten, insert the metal link into the buckle and tighten the belt by pulling on the buckle strap..."

when i was little, how i really concentrate and pay attention to the safety demo. REALLY... you would see me standing or my head popped up either at the seat or at the aisle. i dont know whats about the safety demo that im really amazed about. maybe its the orange life vest that caught my eyes. kinky... :P

"today we're serving... would you like an orange juice with that?"

when i was little, i love airline food. i mean i freaking love it! to the point where i would eat before i go for a flight, in order for me to tapau the food and enjoy it when i got to the hotel or home. i freaking fell head over heels man. the orange juice... ohhh i wonder who was the steward/stewardess who kept refilling my tumbler everytime i go for a flight. kesian. hahaha

"*sniff* *sniff*, aaa i think its lemon..."

the same ol' lemon-ish smell that greets me when im seated at my seat. the smell that makes me really feel that im on an aircraft, going somewhere... for a holiday... away from home...


after 22 years of flying i still crazy about the aircraft food, juice, safety demo, the air re freshener and the crew. ini bukan statement menjilat punggung tetapi i still love all that stuff WHENEVER IM TRAVELLING AS A PASSENGER. i always wonder how did MAS won all those 5 star awards, try flying with other airlines especially those budjet airlines, then you'll know. :D ngeee

im at shah alam. m enjoying my 2 days off. at last i went to the frames which ive been wanting to go for like, ages already hahahhaha went there with cik wanie dan hencem. had our dessert in tony romas, pyramid. jauh kan?! and it took us 1 hour plus to get from ttdi to sunway. hahahha now only i appreciate working up there since i dont have to drive and even if there's traffic jam, im not the one who is driving. hahahha went jamming afterward with my shah alam bestie incik cd dan ms ema. lagu pelik-pelik sekarang dorang main. hebat!

actually the number one reason why i did this blog was actually to talk about my life and especially WORK. yup work as in travelling and stuff. yang pelik nye i have nothing to talk about my job. isnt it weird, how i complain this and that to my friends but i never really have something solid to write about. day in day out, its always the same routine that i did up there. nothing special, same type of passenger, nothing much on my set of crew and same ol' menu and service. so what is that somthing that i want to write about??! weird.

i really forgot to blog about this...
THANKS WANIE FOR THE LAVA LAMP! you know me that well huh!? sorry i didnt bought anything for your birthday. things hasnt been so kind to me lately (urr ever since the gate thinggy)

i guess everyone have their things to get before 2011 kan so here's my simple and short list.

- fisheye 2.0
- winter jacket
- new shoes
- guess collection watch
- bb bold 2 / goggle phone / iphone
- an acoustic guitar
- givency play

roster update
today - off
tomorrow - sbw NS
12,13 - kua SD

btw happy birthday to me comrades (mims, sally, atira, hidayah, max) february babies rawks!


  1. plus.. you DID got me something.. a whole BR cake! which I loved! so we're even :P