Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ehem eheemmm

this is life, like it or not honest people will never make it in life...

yup i do agree with my mum. honest people wil never make it in life. one has to suck up, became an ultimate champion in ass licking, stab or step on others and do anything in order for em to be succesful. so tru this opinion i came to a conclusion which to be happy (or succesfull) in life one had(need) to be very or ultimately evil. so where does karma fill in all this thing? the rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. power plays an important role in life. if one doesnt have power(or influence) he/she will never get to be a puppetier and will always be the puppet. like what they always says "influence is like money, the less you use, the more you have and more you can buy..." isnt it?

am doing my 5 days trip. 2 nights in kch and 2 more nights in kk. its gonna be hell lotsof money for me next month. yeehaww.. i get to save and get to shop at the same time. yeah. things are getting around for me. 2010 what has you installed for me ya?

lately ive been thinking, since they also said that "there's always that special someone for you out there..." when they say out there, they didnt really point out to which direction. so should i be looking? or she can find her way to me? funny how this world works. if i go looking people would say ive been looking too much till i cant see what is infront of my eyes or ive been looking at the wrong place. if i dont look they will tell you to look or to look harder. what with this fairytale shit? as what adam sandler said in bedtime stories "there's no happy ending in life..." i do agree with that since we will endup die in our story. so where is that so called happy ending? but then again i would congratulate to those who actually find that happiness in life. you are truely one in a gazillion. since i dont really understand life. there's more to life than just life itself which ive yet to discover. aish what am i whinning about neyh? yet another period of my life which i cant stop complain about anything and everything. but all i can say that im hoping for the best. which i always do. having good friends really does help. so thanxs everyone.


  1. oy vey.. good thing you didn't quote that in front of me or we'll have another debate like the one during training with Encem sitting at the side "mmhmm"-ing at our points.

  2. hahahahhahaha nasib nasib... hahahahah