Sunday, February 14, 2010

39 degree c and going up!

am currently in hilton kuching. single night stop. i guess i should just stop complaining and whining about how i tot being a cabin crew is everything and stuff. yeah i guess i should stop looking focusing on the negative energy and start appreciating for what i have. for instance not many can get this job eventho most of em sed "they are born for this..." and plus i get ride in aircraft for free (work purpose laa..). yeah i used to complain alot to my mum about how i want to balik kampung almost every month coz i get to be in the aircraft for 2 hours. hahahha tell me which 10 years old boy doesnt want that kan?!

owh well im having a mild flu serve with a mild fever and topped with a never ending cough. still im forcing my self to work. see! how dedicated i am to my job. i guess ini mmg season orang sakit kot. since wanie baru je sehat dari deman and same goes to almost everyone that i know in Green Avenue Condo. owh well had to work on CNY is really sux especially when you have to do night stop since most of... eh wait... all of the shops are closed (except for those fastfood restaurant... pity them who had to work...) owh well nothing much to update really. my birthday is comin peeps... cant really celebrate tho since im farking damn broke d, and its only early of the month. haih.

anyway peeps have a jolly V-day and a prosperous Chinese New Year.! gong xi gong xi

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