Friday, January 30, 2009

a flying start

hey guys. im alif or known better as alip or... ah yip (thanxs to jeslene). basically the title "im sayin it out loud" says everything. letting everyone know that im here people! i do exist! :D


well tomorrow i'll be having my second and final inteview for the post cabin crew in Malaysia Airline. (hhahah no im not gonna make "pramugara terlampau" season 2) lets pray together that hopefully i'll pass everything with flying colours. hopefully people, hopefully. the first interview wasnt so bad after all. since most of my competition is spm student (fresh meat hahaha) and hey its like piece of cake since they are lack of working experience and job interviews obviously. no im not bragging, its just an advantage that i have. the first stage was like a group interview. in a group of six. i tot it would be like damn hard for me to pass. but NNNOOOTTT! hahaha 3 soalan jek basically.

a. tell us more about yourself and why are you applying for MAS cabin crew?
b. what do you know about Malaysia Airlines?
c. Why do you think your qualified to join Malaysia Airlines?

that's it and i tot the question would go from economical stuff to general knowledge. hahahahah guess im over prepared. :P and the second stage was the grooming thinggy which they double check your height, weight, check wether you have a pretty smile, any geng tatoos and you teeth obviously. well hey i passed. next is the group assestment and the final interview. act dah start cuak dah ney. hahahhahaha

have gorgeous day people


  1. booshok ar!! shaye shuda link kamo ok! huhu

  2. so boring... Boooooooooooooooo..