Thursday, October 25, 2012

random thoughts

bestie told me that "we are promised of an another half, but happiness was never part of that deal...." or something like that. life should have been fair to you since you have been fair to life or telling a lion that he shouldnt eat you because you dont eat lion. thats life, it never made any sense no matter how hard you try. u got caught up with loads of shits when you least expected, you get tangled up in complicated matter, no matter how carefully u have been, you will always be in all sortof situation at all sortof time. tho this are the setbacks in life, this are also the real thing that makes you feel alive. its like waking up in the morning knowing how exactly life is going to treat you is sure no fun at all. i like waking up in the morning, getting all sortof suprises, meeting new and old people and those kinda things. to a point your life might get pretty routine but one day when you have a certain someone that sets your purpose in life... that is all the reason you need to breath for another day... to run tru the storm... to survive yet another horror... to wake up in the morning. but then again some people use work as their definition in life. working like a mad dog to earn big fat cheque, drive fast cars and roll with the ballers. to me, yes money is close to everything... it sets how your life and how your childrens life is going to be but remember after working hard at work for the rest of your life and you are old and weak, nobody will remember what you did at work...
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