Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dealing with it

it has come to that moment where i have to accept that things arent or will never get any better in anytime soon. the "coping" phase or should i say "acceptance" phase, i wouldnt say it is great but i wouldnt say it bad either. why? its not bad coz seeing how they treated the FY there, i would really much prefer being in my shoe but it is bad coz seriously i dont fucking belong here (i didnt apply for it) and of course suckie pay and long hours. imagine i went for work at 2230,1st of august and finish at 0900, 2nd of august and i need to go back for work at 2230, 2nd august. seriously WTF!! this aint what i was born for. ini hard labour nama nye tapi gaji sangat ciput bin sikit. this isnt how you treat your employees la. dulu, my lecturer used to say (in HR class) that the lowest graded or the front liners are like the pillars of the company, being the very foundation of the company. holds together the company from collapsing. thus having a strong and dependable pillars really helps a company stay strong for long years. but in my case the pillar that holds the foundation of the company is of course the gov. the employees doesnt really mean much for them. and of course it wouldnt make the company any better if they were to treat us any better (so they thought). to me, in the end it would all come back to this, "the level of happiness (in terms of welfare) of the employees would very much determine the company's success...", if you cant even take care of your own personel how do you expect to take care of your customer 10,000 feet above the ground?