Saturday, August 11, 2012

balls of steel

saw a friend's status update on fb, asking what if the capt tells you that the a/c is going down, what you do? would you lock yoself in the toilet? would you spend a good 5 minutes crying yourself out? would you act professionally and pretend that its just yet another day? or would you literally do all of the above? what would you do? on most days i like to dwell myself in this sorta "what if" question, if it were me, i would definitely try as hard as i could to hold in my tears and yeah i would man up and be the man. THE man. not trying to say im trying to be that pendejo hero kinda thing, but its more like walking away with my dignity intact. i wouldnt want to be remembered as the kentucky fried CHICKEN! i wouldnt want my last memories in this life is me sitting in a toilet and crying like how i always cried on every greys season finale. nope i dont want that. i want to be as hardcore as i can. like how that string quartets stay put and put on their last performance as the titanic sank. hohoho i watch too much movies! too much...

owh anyway just finished my flying week and tomorrow back to GL again. probably this is the part where i confess that im actually at that "owh whatever" phase of GL. ive been into that whole retaliation, "owh dear god why?", denial and acceptance. seriously i really dont give any horse poo what in the world would happen in GL anymore. believe me when i say this, as this is already bad as how bad could get. nothing would surprise me anymore. tho im only rostered for KUA split duty and 3 days trip, but of course my set crew is the only part where it is interesting. flying for 3 years, i would say i sorta have seen everything. not to brag but everyday, day in, day out its the same thing all over again. not to say its boring but yeah, its like staring on a highway. its the same thing, cars come and go, but what kinda car that goes tru that road makes all the difference. it was uber fun. made me miss flying. made me hate the people responsible for all this nonsense. made me realize how much i hate being in GL all over again. made me sad that this kinda thing only made available for me, probably twice every month. no matter how tiring my sector is, no matter how f-up my pax could get, no matter how stressing the CDC *not the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of course* could get at times, no matter who im flying with, no matter how long or draggy the flight could get, no matter what type or aircraft it is, no matter what, i would still be OK than being in GL. i signed up for flying, and i should be ok with what ever that comes with the job. i should and i will be OK. tho i might rant and complains, but at the end of the day i would be standing in the aircraft and me being there its nothing more that my obligation to my responsibility. in other word i would turn up se-ikhlas since itu lah tanggungjawab saya. but being in GL is just... being there just to pay my bills. just so that i dont endup jobless. yeah the job is interesting, the people are awesome and friendly *only a few that i would pretty much refer to the gremlins, dont do much but kept scaring people away* the job is quit easy, not to say that GL is bad all the way, no... it is actually not bad, not bad at all, but when you dont have the heart to do the job you are told to do, and of course the outcome would be so-so. and of course in GL i wouldnt need my balls of steel to be hardcore, coz i refuse to be hardcore at this. nope not this.