Tuesday, December 20, 2011

malakoff, born to run

malakoff 7km run was actually my first marathon ive ever join (tak kira la all those merentas desa during secondary school). and hell yeah i foking trained like shit yo and it all paid off. i finished at 45min and 36 seconds, no 45 out of 206 who ran for 7km. it felt good that i managed to conquered 7km within 45 minutes (eventho ade terlebih 36 seconds) and even better dapat nombor bawah 50 (i was aiming bawah 100 but hey you know what they always says, dont expect too much as you'll get more). so we ran along jalan beringin, damansara. the track was basically turun bukit - naik bukit - turun bukit - naik bukit - jalan flat sekejap - turun bukit - naik bukit. hahaha it was all downhill and uphill. tiring of course. a killer track, but i managed to ran/jog 90% of the track. wheehoo. luckily i stayed and trained in bukit jalil where its downhill and uphill everywhere hahaha. so after the marathon, i head down to chawan, bangsar to hang with my running-partner-who-ditch-me-on-the-race-day (she woke up late, not her fault tho). hahah lepak a bit, talk about stuff, had my late breakfast then pergi urban village for RANtAi revisit but all the fimiliar faces are no where to be seen. even hakim pun tak nampak. bands pun takde. i came a bit too early kot i guess. then head home slept till my wake up call. hahah great day with great people.

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