Monday, September 24, 2012


i got friendzoned for sooooo many times to the point i could make that "everytime i got friendzoned i got a penny..." joke. but for some reason this time i kinda feel f-up about it...

*wrote a full long karangan about this, but decided it wasnt appropriate to post.
did i mention that i ran in the adidas king of the road. tho i didnt managed to sign up for nike we run kl 10K, but still it was my first marathon after my ramadhan break. 10km was pretty much like 100km since the track was all straight and hilly. wasnt my best timing, but still i feel great finishing a 10km run.

yup a finisher medal. *semua orang dapat so no biggie*

great people that i ran with *sorry hanin curik gambar tak mintak permission*

oh yes people, i did not run, i was floating all the way.

my next run would be BSN night marathon and im competing in twenty fucking one KM. masa register 21km sounds like "meeeh... achieve-able lah", but not it doesnt seems as "meh" as before. hohoho i still have 13KM great eastern marathon after that and probably loads loads more to come. if you ask me about running, probably my target would be to compete in 100 marathon before i die. and atleast masa dah senior nnti, i would actually be racing for the podium. HOPEFULLY! 

moving on
at this point, im really just A-OK with GL dah. i just figure that there's nothing that i can do to change this, probably just go with the flow. im too tired too complain, im too tired to be NOT OK with GL, im too heart broken to feel anything, so i guess probably should just make full use of this GL thing. like how the passenger always says to me, "owh its a good thing kan? since you get to meet and interact with business and important people. who knows luck might just falls on you during meet and greet!". yeah that what my first and last m&g passenger said to me *and so does a few more i met in the lounge*. yeah who knows kan?

last but not least...

probably to me, buat masa sekarang running is the only thing that makes sense.