Friday, February 10, 2012

... dang!

back then when i first started my current job, most of my friends are either doing their degree or just started working, and as expected most of em are a bit jealous with my paycheck and the lifestyle(not knowing the reality of course). but 3 years down the road, i am still where they last saw me. still same old routine, same job, same position, nothing change, changed or changing. but on the other hand, my friends who are doing their degree are half way down the road and already in UK doing their "plus 2", and most probably gonna start their career over there. and of course my paycheck and my job would be nothing anymore, and the other half who started worked in diff industry has climb up into the management level and of course thing are getting A-OK for them, no more dirty work, no more hard labor, its all about the paperwork and the nagging. no this is not a competition of course, just that after 3 years down the road, everybody is changing, moving up, sorta like level-ing up, acquiring new skills, subordinates and such. and by looking at how things are, dont think im gonna gain any new level any time soon. funny thing about life is "when you think you got thing figured out, you actually have noooooooooo freaking idea about it". thats how i put it, yeah the moment i thought "ouh im here, im safe, think this is it, im good here" that is when life come crashing down on you, life come with that super big ass broadsword and swing over your achievement and send you back where you first started.

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