Tuesday, November 15, 2011

paris, first class international

tarikh keramat = 12 nov 2011
emirates & singapore airlines cabin crew interview

where was i? working, doing KUL/LGK/KUL/PEN/KUL. tho it wasnt full on all 4 sectors, that isnt the question. the question is why did i go for that flight instead of attending the interview (the one that i has been talking for god knows how long).

the fact that it appears on the the jobs website that they only looking for mandarin or cantonese speaking crew doesnt stop me from applying. i did state in my resume (think it was a mistake but then again, not being able to speak any of the mentioned language above has disqualified me from even being on THE list) that i cant speak, write or read mandarin or cantonese. so yeah, i didnt get called for any interview or such.

singapore airlines
i was 50/50 on this, they (crews, word of mouth and from travel blogs) said that being a foreign crew in singapore airlines might have lotsof perks especially on the currency exchange. but tatau kenapa in the end i decided not to go. maybe next time when im totally ready.

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