Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"on my feet i wear two shoes for dancing, dancing to be free..."

a friend asked me "dude why did u decide to stay single all this while? i mean malaysian girls are not good enuf fo you ke?" for the first time i came up with an answer which i felt really really really masuk akal. i sed relationship is messy, time consuming and expensive. i cant even buy what i wanted all this while so why do i think i can afford a relationship? plus those around me yang not single pun caught up in a messy situation which made me less confidence in having a steady relationship. plus i think im happier this way; i have a bestie which i can talk to about everything, friends that i can count on and silver which i can hug whenever im lonely.

just finished my airbus class. yup finally. i would say being in a wide body aircraft made me fening-fening sikit. for some reason. maybe its too big for me kot. tak boleh handle. :P *sound sooo wrong in so many ways hahah* walaupun i dapat pening-pening on my SNYs, that doesnt mean i didnt enjoyed my SNYs. to tell you the truth, all those rumors saying bout WB crew are sombong and stuff is totally tipu-tipuan belaka. i enjoyed talking and working with them. nothing much diff than NB crew. semua sama je.

moving on
my car punya milelage is almost to 10K. weeeee. *lameee*

nothing much to write about tho. my life hasnt been anymore interesting lately. owh yeah my bestie is going to move to somewhere to be comfirm later. m gonna miss her dearly! shoot shall write agin when i have the idea what to write about... sigh...


  1. Hahahahhaha Silver.. Tak tahan..
    Btw, sorry I'll be moving out :( I haven't even found a place to move in to! Will probably crash in Encem's place for a while.. You're more than welcome to come and stay over once I've settled in.. somewhere :P

    I've missed you btw..

  2. Oyy kiddo.. Come over for coffee!
    Or tea.. Heck, me and Encem could open a cafe by now..

  3. miss you too wanieee!!! :P i lame x bukak blog :( sob sob...